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Combo: What In Heaven Do Angels Do? & What In Hell Does Satan Do?


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Have you ever wondered what Satan is really like and what kind of power he has over you and your daily life?

Did you know that every believer has been  visited by divine beings and do you know  why?  Do you know the role Angles play in  your life?  These are just a few of the  questions that Dave answers in this super- combo series of “What in Heaven Do and  Angels Do?” and “What in Hell Does Satan  Do?”  If you don’t know the answers to these  questions you’ll undoubtedly be exploited by  the enemy and miss out on the blessing of  recognizing Angelic activity in your life.

Session Titles:

  • What in heaven do angels do?
  • Angels on assignment
  • What was Lucifer really like?
  • How does the devil spend his day?

    Format: 4 CDs

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