Daniel: The Reluctant Prophet


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Daniel The Reluctant Prophet is full of the most famous bible stories, but these stories have more to offer than an engaging storyline. David Moore pulls out the principles that Daniel lived by that we should adopt as well. Each message gives you key life skills that are sure to help you while living in a fast-paced world. This nine-part series provides insight for managing people’s impossible expectations, handling conflict creativity, dealing with other people’s envy and what to do with problematic people. In volume 2, David sheds light on the prophetic portions of Daniel showing you how the formation of the European Union is moving us another step closer to the return of Christ. You will be intrigued as Dave references quotes from current and past world leaders that start to set the stage for what the bible has already described. Hear a detailed description of the antichrist and the second coming of Jesus. Find out what Dave believes America’s role will be in the last days as well as what our response should be as believers.

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9 Sessions & Their Titles:

Conflict And Creativity
When People Expect The Impossible
Conflicting Convictions
When You’re At The Top Of Your Game
Godly Graffiti: Hard Heads And Hard Hearts
Living With Lions
The Big Prophetic Picture
The Devil Is In The Details
Divinity In The Details






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