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Love for a Lifetime:   This is Dave’s best selling series of all time.  It’s packed with practical, heartwarming and humors information about how two people (yes it takes two) can keep love alive and thriving.  This 8 series is regularly $35.00 – but only $28.00 when ordered as a package.  

Instructions Not Included:  The Moores have been blessed with three healthy, wonderful adult children who are now their best friends.  How did that happen?  Well, there are no guarantees or fool-proof formulas but there are some very important things every parent must do and pursue.  In this 6 part series, Dave will tell how to give your children the best shot at growing up healthy.  Regularly $28.00 – but only $22.40 when ordered as a package.

How To Ace Relationships: One of the most important things we can do with the time we are given is to build relationships with God and those around us. There are four

concepts that lay the foundation for relationships grow: Authenticity, Affection, Accommodation, and Amiability. Dave takes each concept and walks through the importance

of each element and gives you ideas on how to incorporate them into your relationships. Regularly $21.00 – but only $16.80 when ordered as a package.