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“Inside Out: What God Wants to Produce Within You” is all about internal change and growth.  While most of humanity tends to fixate upon the external, God’s focus is always on the inner-person.  There are nine traits, or virtues that God hopes to reproduce within us.  They are at the very core of God’s desire for you and me.  Rooted in Galatians five  Dave walks us through The Fruit of the Spirit with a practical and inspirational twist that he’s become so well known for.

Session One: For the Love of…
Session Two: It’s a Mad, Sad, Bad World – But…
Session Three: Prescription for Peace
Session Four: Patience Please
Session Five: Crowned with Kindness
Session Six: Goodness to the Nth Degree
Session Seven: Gotta Love the Loyal
Session Eight: Grappling with Gentleness
Session Nine: Get a Grip

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