Islam In Your Face (MP3 Download)


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There are currently 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. They have embraced a way of life that endeavors to return the world to 7th century Arabia. Their faith, “Islam” is growing twice as fast Christianity and may well dominate the world in the near future. Their stated goal is “The establishment of a single global Islamic state and the demolition of the state of Israel.”

While the media tends to portray Islam as another religion — it is not just a religion; it is a worldview that engulfs every political and personal freedom. During this message, David T. Moore walks his listeners through the maze of the Muslim world touching upon the highlights of the Muslim history, theology and ideology. He explains the rarely told background of the Palestinian conflict in Israel and the biblical reason this conflict and the Palestinian hatred of the United States continues today.

Insightful, non-fanatical, and packaged in Dave’s unique style; this is one message every believer ought to hear in this new age of terror.