Managing Your Motivation


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Understanding what motivates you and others is a key ingredient for making progress in this world. “Mastering Your Motivation” is about understanding and applying your basic internal motivations which come in three forms. “Instinctual Motivation” is your basic hard-wired personality preferences that you were born with. “Convictional Motivation” is learned from your parents or the authority figures who played a powerful role in shaping your values. The third internal motivator is your “Spiritual Motivation.” Everyone has one of seven spiritual motivational gifts. Those gifts were described by the Apostle Paul in Romans 12. This series is about understanding and appreciating each of the seven very different perspectives and allowing them to become a powerful motivator to loving one another and making the body of believers hyper-productive.

Session One: The Prophet’s Motivation: “Black or White”

Session Two: The Server’s Motivation: “Please…Allow Me”

Session Three: The Teacher’s Motivation: “Just the Facts”

Session Four: The Encourager’s Motivation: “You Can Do It”

Session Five: The Giver’s Motivation: “I’ll Cover That”

Session Six: The Leader’s Motivation: “You Do This, I’ll Get That”

Session Seven: The Compassionate’s Motivation: “I Understand”

Session Eight: Functional Maturity
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