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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…


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“Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” is a series about death and the  after-life.  And what a life it’s going to be!  It’s eternal and awesome  beyond belief.  Many people fear death because it is such an unknown,  but the Bible has revealed a great deal about it so that people of faith  can live without fear.  In this four-part series, Dave talks about the  reality of death, what heaven (and hell) will be like and details the glorious transformation of our bodies.  The final session takes a look  at grief and describes what you should do now to make the grieving  process less painful.  While the subject may appear grim, this series  will uplift your spirit and give you peace.

Session One: If I Should Die
Session Two: I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep
Session Three: Total Body Make-over
Session Four: Good Grief

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