One Nation Under God


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“One Nation Under God” is David’s response to the recent court ruling declaring the pledge of allegiance as “unconstitutional.” Regardless of how all this turns out, the decision is rooted in bad history and faulty thinking about the founding fathers and their intentions.

This first session documents the personal faith of the founding fathers, their absolute dependence upon God, and their intention to establish a nation built upon Christian principles. This message makes it obvious that the founders of our great nation, as well as the courts, knew nothing of a “wall of separation” between church and state until the late 1940’s when the Supreme Court suddenly created one.

The second session, “In God We Trust” describes the role of the believer in society and government. Jesus made it very clear that people of faith are a preserving element of society and when we are expelled from the public forum or willfully withdraw from society – culture suffers. The Bible encourages us to be fully engaged in our culture, praying daily for our leadership, and endeavoring to preserve Biblical values in the land.
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