Pornography: The Narcotic of the Mind


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According to various reports, currently, the porn industry’s net worth is about $97 billion. This money is enough to feed at-least 4.8 billion people a day. Every year, Hollywood releases roughly 600 movies and makes $10 billion in profit. And how much does the porn industry make? 13,000 films and close to $15 billion in profit. The porn industry makes more money than Major League Baseball, The NFL and The NBA combined. Its revenue exceeds that of the combined revenues of all professional football, baseball, and basketball franchises, and the combined revenues of ABC, NBC, and CBS! There are three times the number of adult bookstores as there are McDonald restaurants. And Christians are not exempt… 25% of churched teens have seen an x-rated film within the past 6 months. Clearly, it’s a problem, and this message will help Christians understand how to deal with it.

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