Problem People


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Everyone has a problem person in their life. These are the kind of people who complicate your life rather than contribute to it. Society has a tendency to excuse these problematic traits by calling them disorders, and then suddenly it’s a sickness and not a sin. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has determined 374 official “disorders.” The truth is that all of us are problematic to some degree and instead of excusing it we need to work to eliminate it. Problem People is a series that does just that when it comes to criticism, neediness, stupidity, entitlement, griping and fear. This six-part series examines each of these problem areas and gives real-world tactics for getting beyond them.

Picky Picky People
Griping Grumbling People
Needy Needy People
Stupid Stupid People
Expecting Entitled People
Fearful Fear-filled People
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