Why Can’t You Be Normal… Like Me!


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“Why Can’t You Be Normal… Like Me?!” just might be the most practical series of messages you’ll ever hear. These messages have already helped transform thousands of relationships.

Springing from the words of Jesus, Paul, and Solomon, Dave describes the God-given personality preferences present within us all. Dave is convinced that relationships often fail because we just don’t understand and appreciate the uniqueness of one another. In fact, our natural inclination is to endeavor to recreate others to fit into our own personality profile. The process is doomed to failure and will ultimately destroy relationships. These CD’s offer a better approach!

Session one and two offer a concise and insightful look at the eight basic personality preferences. These messages will help you understand the source of your emotional power, personal perspective, priorities for decision making and the planning process.

Sessions three through six focus exclusively on the four basic temperament types. Each session is devoted to the positives and pitfalls for each temperament, as well as specific advice for parenting each type of child.

This series includes a Temperament Analysis Test to help you discover your personality profile!

Format: MP3

Session 1: Why Can’t You Be Normal… Like Me?
Session 2: Strategy and Style
Session 3: The Melancholic
Session 4: The Choleric
Session 5: The Phlegmatic
Session 6: The Sanguine