Couples will be entertained and encouraged as they learn: the principles to avoid self-centeredness, how to communicate with each other, how to appreciate the differences between men and women, what their spouse’s top 5 needs are, how to create a bond that will minimize the risk of an affair, steps to rebuilding their relationship after a difficulty, how to speak their spouse’s love language, and how to make romance and passion a priority.

Moore On Life is a listener supported ministry. And your gifts are used to keep this broadcast on the air. As our way of saying thank you for your gift of any amount, we would like to send you a classic audio message from David Moore entitled, “What’s Your Pedigree” taken from the popular series, “Animal Instincts” this message offers great insight into understanding yourself and others in your life. Each one of us is one of four personality types. These traits are hard wired right into us, there is no changing them but we can gain a better understanding of how these personality profiles affect what we do and how we view the world. David takes each personality type and relates it to the K9 world, since most of us understand dogs better than people. This message is a great addition to the Love for A Lifetime Series, and is our gift to you for your donation to this ministry of any amount.


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