Why Can’t You Be Normal… Like Me?! just might be the most practical series of messages you’ll ever hear. These messages have already helped transform thousands of relationships.

Springing from the words of Jesus, Paul, and Solomon, Dave describes the God-given personality preferences present within us all. Dave is convinced that relationships often fail because we just don’t understand and appreciate the uniqueness of one another. In fact, our natural inclination is to endeavor to recreate others to fit into our own personality profile. The process is doomed to failure and will ultimately destroy relationships. These CD’s offer a better approach!

Session one and two offer a concise and insighful look at the eight basic personality preferences. These messages will help you understand the source of your emotional power, presonal perspective, priorities for decision making and the planning process.

Sessions three through six focus exclusively on the four basic temperament types. Each session is devoted to the positives and pitfalls for each temperament, as well as specific advice for parenting each type of child.

This series includes a Temperament Analysis Test to help you discover your personality profile!

Format Available: CD

Session 1: Why Can’t You Be Normal… Like Me?
Session 2: Strategy and Style
Session 3: The Melancholic
Session 4: The Choleric
Session 5: The Phlegmatic
Session 6: The Sanguine

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These messages have already helped transform thousands of relationships.

“At the core of all this is source of our emotional energy. All of us have certain life-experiences that enthuse and excited us while other situations make us feel like tucking in our tails and walking away. Everyone has a reservoir of emotional energy. When it’s full, we’re like a happy, positive and proactive. When it’s empty, we’re blah, negative and moody.

A few years ago “Duracell” ran a series of television ads in which people had battery packs on their backs. As the characters interacted with one another some would run out of power and slump over while others would just kept on going. Of course it was the Duracell powered the characters who kept on going. Energizer countered with a hot pink, sunglass-wearing, drum-beating “Energizer Bunny” who has stared in at least 115 different commercials as the bunny who just “keeps on going and going.”

Imagine for a moment that people are battery operated and that each of us has a rechargeable pack on our backs. As we go through the day, some experiences and activities drain us of emotional energy while others actually rejuvenate us. Once we’re drained of energy, we’ve got to recharge. If we don’t we’re like a car that’s running out of fuel, we’ll spit and sputter. Humanly, we’ll say things we don’t mean, and fail to perform smoothly until the emotional fuel tank is refilled. If we’re not emotionally charged our relationships become strained and job performance flounders.

Everyone’s emotional energy is recharged in one of two ways and that’s usually the beginning of our misunderstandings. You are either the kind of person who thrives on interaction or isolation. You’re either the kind person that likes to kick back alone under a shade tree or the kind who just wants to run with the pack. These two different approaches have nothing to do with how outgoing you can be. They have nothing to do with being shy. They are simply the source of your emotional energy. Those who thrive on interaction find themselves invigorated by being with people and being alone drains them. Others are just the opposite, they flourish and need time alone. Hanging with a group of people drains them and before long they are looking for some alone time to recharge.

Neither style of recharging is right or wrong – just different. Very different! In fact, they are exact opposites and they are built right into us. Understanding this is the beginning of healthy interaction with those around us and just might keep you out of the doghouse.