The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence knew that signing the declaration was an act of treason against the Crown. Each of them had more to lose from the revolution than they had to gain by it. John Hancock was one of the richest men in America and already had a price of 500 pounds on his head. He signed his name is enormous letters so “that his Majesty could now read his name without glasses and could now double the reward.” Ben Franklin craftily noted: “Indeed we must all hang together, otherwise we shall most assuredly hang separately.” Benjamin Harrison of Virginia was extremely overweight. He told the tiny framed friend, Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts: “With me it will all be over in a minute, but you, you will be dancing on air an hour after I am gone.

Even before the signers names were published, the British named every suspected singer of treason. And all of them became the objects of vicious manhunts.

Of those 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war. Five were captured and imprisoned and in each case endured brutal treatment. Several lost their wives, sons or entire families. In fact, John Hart lost his wife and 13 children. Two wives arrested and treated brutally. All were at one time or another the victims of manhunts and driven from their homes. Twelve signers had their homes burned to the ground. Seventeen lost everything they owned. Despite tremendous personal loss, not one of them defected or went back on his pledged word. These were men and women of honor who sacrificed everything so that we could live in freedom and celebrate the most important day in our nation’s history – July 4, 1776.

Happy Birthday USA!

To celebrate America’s Birthday, Moore On Life has put together two of Dave’s most popular messages into an album entitled; “God Bless The USA!”

Happy Birthday USA is Dave’s most recent message focusing upon our American tradition. President Obama recently stated that America is not a Christian nation. The founders would strongly disagree. This message walks listeners through the amazing founding of America. Filled with quotes from the founding fathers, this is a must listen for the American public! You’ll listen to this one time and again as well as pass it around to your family and friends.

Time To Roar focuses upon the role that people of faith play in society and the government. Rooted in the words of Jesus and filled with contemporary illustrations, this message will move you to do your part in preserving America, as one nation under God.

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