The resurrection of Jesus was history’s most defining moment. While there have been many significant moments, moments that changed the course of a nation’s fate, or even defined the next 100 years – nothing rivals the resurrection.

Now some will argue that the resurrection isn’t all that important. However, the Apostle Paul would disagree with that assumption. In 1 Corinthians 15, he outlined the critical role of the resurrection by saying; If the resurrection didn’t occur;

Jesus is just another dead guy
Christianity is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors”
Your faith is worthless – you are lost forever – pitiful
You’ll never see your dead loved ones again
Christianity is just another religion

The overwhelming evidence for the resurrection is really undeniable. Even so, here is an illustration that makes the point pretty clear. Just image that I got myself invited to be a presenter at the Grammys and in my opening comments I boldly proclaimed that Michael Jackson was alive. Can you imagine the response? Do you think for a moment that anyone would believe me? Not a chance. Michael is dead and buried and everyone knows it. Now, here’s my point. Just 40 days after the resurrection, Peter stood in the streets of Jerusalem in front of thousands boldly proclaiming that Jesus was alive. And guess what – nobody argued. Not one person stood up and challenged Peter because the entire city (even the enemies of Jesus) knew that he was alive.