One evening a discouraged pastor asked his board; “What do you think our problem is… apathy or ignorance?” to which one board member quietly answered; “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

It’s been said that enthusiasm is the highest paid commodity on the planet. If that’s true, what would your salary be? I mean, just how enthusiastic are you about life, your faith, your family, your career?

The Apostle Paul once wrote; “Never be lacking in zeal…” Romans 12:11. Let me ask you a question, “How long is never?” I hope your answer is “long enough!”

God directs us to be consumed with “zeal”. Or in modern terms; “enthusiasm!” And it’s a life-long project. In fact, I’ve found that remaining enthusiastic often becomes more difficult with age. Growing cynical is much easier that growing in enthusiasm. I suppose that’s because life brings with it so many difficult and stretching situations.

Personally, I’m committed to doing all I can to keep our Moore On Life listeners fired up, enthusiastic, hope-filled and motivated. Your gifts to MOL enable us to do that. Thank you.

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I just recorded a brand new series entitled “Looking for CEOs” In it, I endeavored to identify the three crucial ingredients necessary for excelling in every aspect of life.

  • Session 1; C – Creative
  • Session 2; E – Enthusiastic
  • Session 3; O – Organized

I’d like to thank you for your gift this month by sending you the second message from this series on the subject of enthusiasm. I know it will fire you up and I’d like to send it to you as a CD or as a downloadable mp3 – your choice. Either way, enthusiasm is essential and I know this message will cultivate it within you.

The wisest man who ever lived understood the significance of enthusiasm and penned these words; “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10 I’d like to help you be an enthusiastic, “all-your-might” individual by sending you this message today as a thank you for helping us get caught up financially.

Big thanks my friend, and I promise I’ll enthusiastically keep on keeping on, but we sure could use your help right now.