I couldn’t believe my eyes Monday morning when I went to MooreOnLife.com and saw the warning that the site had been compromised. Come to find out, the hackers ran some kind of password program that ultimately gave them access. With that, they deleted all kinds of material and programs leaving the site worthless. Hummmm… some people just have too much time on their hands… or too much evil in their hearts.

Either way – God is gracious and insightful. Hereʼs what I mean. We’ve been working for the past several months on launching a new website that will enable people worldwide to instantly download messages and videos (much like iTunes). We were planning on launching mid-month, instead we put it on line within 24 hours of the hack.

Now think about that… Some creepy hacker whacks our site but God had a backup plan in place months ahead of time so that when the enemy struck, we were only hours from a relaunch… God saw it coming and made provisions to keep the ministry moving.

It reminds me of what Joseph said to his brothers after they had sold him into slavery and he had risen to power in Egypt;

“Don’t you see, you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good, as you see all around you right now.” Genesis 50:20

I call that the 50/20 principle because it comes from Genesis 50:20. It’s a great principle. People plot evil and our intensely creative God uses it for good. I love that!

I’m also very excited about the new site and its expanded ministry. We’ve also started social networking with Facebook so if you’re not already a “fan” I’d encourage you to sign up. By doing so, you’ll get a weekly 60 second video from me as well as timely messages of encouragement.

Thank you allowing us to minister to you. Once a month, I’ll be letting you know the ministry’s financial situation so can keep us in your prayers and perhaps support the ministry financially. We’re are still seriously in the red and need your support more than ever. Our staff is way behind in their personal compensation and we’ve got a few debt collectors pounding on the door. The bottom line; the ministry has never been stronger or the finances more needy. So thank you for being there with us!

Should you decide to help us, I’d like to say thank you this month for your gift by sending you a CD (or download link) of “Thinking Positive – Get Over It.” The message walks through the life of Joseph and illustrates the power of the 50/20 principle. I’m sure it will be an encouragement to you as well as a relevant thank you for your gift of any size to Moore On Life.

Thank you my friend.

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This donation item is only the first CD from the Cyber-Sense: Matters Of The Mind series by Dave Moore.

Cyber-Sense: Matters of the Mind

Do you find yourself bombarded by computer techies, hyperlinks, DVDs,

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Session 1 – Think Perspective. Get Over It!

Session 2 – Think Positive. Get Above It!

Session 3 – Think Purity. Get Beyond It!

Session 4 – Think Proactive. Get Down to It!

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